Masking, de-identifying or obfuscating sensitive data is an essential component of a comprehensive data security plan. Imperva Camouflage Data Masking reduces the risk of data breach by replacing sensitive data with realistic fictional data. The masked data maintains referential integrity and is statistically accurate enabling testing, analysis and business processes to operate normally. The primary use of masked data is in non-production systems, including test and development environments or data warehouses and analytical data stores. Another set of candidates for masked data is business enablers that require data to leave the country or company control, such as off-shore teams or outsourced systems. The Imperva Camouflage Data Masking solution will not only protect data from theft, it will help ensure compliance with regulations and international policies dictating data privacy and transport.

  • Discover and document sensitive data and data relationships across the enterprise
  • Reduce the volume of sensitive data in non-production systems
  • Facilitate data transport for out sourcing or compliance with international privacy regulations
  • Enable use of production data in development and testing without putting sensitive data at risk
  • Track changes and generate compliance reports at each data refresh

Prevent sensitive data loss from non-production systems