Intelligent Security Operations

Intelligent Security Operations

Real-time threat detection, analytics and investigation from any source, anywhere

Open Architecture

Gain greater visibility into multi-stage attacks using a message bus that ensures data moves from any source to any destination, with full flexibility for publish and subscribe.

  • Event Broker, built on Apache Kafka, ingests data from any source and sends it anywhere
  • Real-time data enrichment adds security context to raw data
  • 400+ out of box connectors collect data from all source types
  • 1 million events per second data ingestion with message bus
  • Centralized management console provides an end to end picture of your security environment


Open standards data collection with an intelligent event broker

Real-time Detection

Uncover vital missing links and discover unknown or insider threats through the integration of real-time event correlation with user and behavior analytics.

  • 50 out of -the-box algorithms for advanced analytics
  • Real-time event correlation automates time-consuming searches
  • Up to tens of thousands of events correlated at one time
  • User and behavior analytics helps find “unknown” threats
  • Centralized management console provides an end to end picture of your security environment


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) with real-time event correlation

Integrated user and behavior analytics to detect unknown threats
Intuitive Investigation

Equip your SecOps analysts with the ability to accelerate both detection and remediation through analytics-driven, guided investigation tools.

  • 10X faster search and advanced analytics processed immediately
  • Guided search query builds with automatic suggestions at Day One
  • Powerful chart and dashboard creation, optimized for security investigation
  • A full range of data for search and analysis with an easy access to Hadoop

Automated investigation with 10x faster search