Easily manage large-scale, distributed penetration testing tools across thousands of apps.

Key Features


Keep in control of your scan by getting relevant information and statistics at a glance. Modules are interactive, letting you drill down to detailed, contextual information about the application crawl and scan results.

Dynamic AppSec Testing (DAST) and Interactive AppSec Testing (IAST)

Ability to test the dynamic behavior of running web applications and services to identify security vulnerabilities and integrating runtime analysis to expand the attack surface to identify issues in hidden directories and pages that go undetected by black-box testing alone. Integrating dynamic and runtime analysis to find more issues and fix them in a shorter period of time.

Technology made Simple

Optimize your testing resources. Advanced technologies, such as simultaneous crawl, bring professional-level testing to novice security testers.

Compliance Management

Easily inform management on vulnerability trending, compliance management, and risk oversight. Clearly communicate with development on details and priorities of each vulnerability. Get compliance reports for all major industry and regulatory standards (PCI, SOC, ISO and HIPAA).


Leverage prebuilt integrations for HPE Application Lifecycle Management and Quality Center and other security testing and management systems.

On Premise and On Demand

Start quickly and scale as needed. WebInspect dynamic application security testing (DAST) is available as a licenses product or on demand as a managed service.

Centralized Program Management

Build an enterprise-wide AppSec program that manages and provides visibility to your risk profile via dashboards and reports, so you can confirm remediation, track metrics, trends and progress. WebInspect Enterprise establishes a shared service to centralize results while distributing security intelligence.