Application Security

Application Security

HPE Security Fortify offers end-to-end application security solutions with the flexibility of testing on-premise and on-demand to cover the entire software development lifecycle.

Application Security across the new SDLC

By 2020 IT will need to release applications 120x per year. As development accelerates to meet this demand, security struggles to keep up. Reactive security testing is inefficient and ineffective. When this approach collides with the speed, integration and automation in the new SDLC, security becomes a barrier to innovation. The Fortify solution is making application security a natural part of the new SDLC, enabling time to market by building security in.


Secure Development

Ensure remediation as early as possible, as developers write code. DevInspect and Static Code Analyzer (on Premise), and Fortify on Demand bring continuous security testing and feedback directly to the developer desktop.

Security Testing

Make automation of static and dynamic application security testing a natural part of the workflow. Software Security Center and Fortify on Demand provide enterprise-scale security management capabilities from one interface.


Continuous Monitoring and Protection

Production applications pose the greatest threat. Continuously monitor changes in application risk, perform deep security scans and protect applications in real time with Fortify on Demand and Application Defender.

HPE Security Fortify, still a leader in Application Security Testing


Continuous Delivery of Business Value with Fortify

See how development organizations at leading companies are using software security solutions from Fortify to scan more applications faster, focus and streamline remediation efforts with better triaging, and integrate security assurance methods throughout the software development environment.


Complete Software Security Testing and Management

Security and DevOps, the “new” SDLC

Rapid growth of the app economy has challenged the traditional Software Development Life Cycle, pushing for more agile processes, automation, and greater collaboration across development, QA and security operations. See what it means for appsec.