Workflow and Orchestration

Your security program is only as strong as your ability to manage it. A streamlined interface and built-in best practices features increase efficiency and reduce errors in policy and change management. Our highly extensible platform makes it easy to align security with IT processes and systems.

Work smarter, not harder

With too much work and too little staff, CISOs need a security management solution that has automation capabilities to help their teams work smarter, not harder.

  • Routine tasks such as access rights management or help desk tickets can be delegated, empowering security self-service for business owners.
  • Trusted APIs enable enterprises using network or orchestration systems to securely integrate security into their workflow and change management processes, paving the way for end-to-end security controls automation.

Enjoy task-oriented management

A security management system should anticipate the daily tasks of a security administrator. To that end, we have simplified interfaces and built-in numerous features into our management interface to streamline processes and make it as efficient as possible for security teams to do their work.

  • Concurrent administration now allows multiple administrators to work simultaneously on the same policy without conflict.
  • Productivity tools such as hit count per object rule and integrated logs help streamline policy troubleshooting.
  • Policy best-practice features such as policy validation provide security intelligence to help administrators make better policy decisions.