Database Firewall/Security

SecureSphere Database Firewall (DBF) effectively protects databases from attacks, data loss and theft. With real-time monitoring, alerting and blocking, pre-built security policies and audit rules SecureSphere protects the most valuable database resources and ensures data integrity.

Database attacks such as SQL injection are on the rise and databases containing sensitive data are a top target for hackers and malicious insiders. Many databases are vulnerable and attackers take advantage of the fact that patching databases takes on average 6-9 months. And recent incidents show that insiders may represent a significant risk to data security. By validating access requests and identifying material variance when users perform unexpected queries SecureSphere accurately blocks exploit attempts.

  • Alert or block database attacks and abnormal access requests, in real time to protect against database attacks including SQL injection, Buffer overflow, Denial of Service and more
  • Detect and virtually patch database software vulnerabilities reducing the window of exposure and impact of ad-hoc application fixes
  • Audit all access to sensitive data by privileged and application users, and enforce corporate policies on data usage
  • Accelerate incident response and forensic investigation through centralized management and advanced analytics
  • Discover new databases and database objects in scope for security and compliance projects and automatically apply appropriate protection and audit policies