Protect Your Files from Insider Threats and Ransomware Attacks

With every minute…hour…day…month…and year, files are steadily generated throughout your organization—sensitive, regulated data piles up fast. Imperva SecureSphere File Security solutions let you confidently protect your critical data stored in file servers and SharePoint systems.

With SecureSphere File Security, you can prove to auditors, clients, and other stakeholders that tight data security controls are in place and regulations are being fully met to protect files. From preventing data theft to quickly responding to incidents to ensuring secure file sharing, you’re equipped.

Hackers know what they want and where to find it. Critical data centers such as file servers are targets for your “crown jewels,” like intellectual property, financial information, deal data, or PII. Cybercriminals have become increasingly sophisticated, leveraging multiple tactics and tools, all with one goal: getting in. Imperva SecureSphere File Firewall protects sensitive unstructured data where it resides, so that you can prevent breaches, along with their resulting exposure, costs and brand damage.

  • Leverages deception technology to immediately detect ransomware before it does widespread damage. The solution quarantines infected users or devices based on file access behavior, and uses a combination of real-time capabilities to help security teams detect, block, investigate, and report on ransomware infections
  • Continuously monitors all user access to enterprise file storage systems and keeps a detailed record of file access activities across the company, including the actions of privileged users
  • Immediately respond to suspicious file access activity by generating notifications, or in certain situations, blocking access completely
  • Immediately access to a record of all file activity across your organization, uncover all the details in just a few clicks with interactive audit analytics that help you identify suspicious behavior, and document problems